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Taste The Rich Tradition 

Of Mediterranean Cuisine

Explore the menu of our Lebanese Mediterranean Grill.


Our food is 100% Zabiha Halal and cooked over natural charcoal. Our special Barbar Sauce and seasoning creates an unmistakably unique and delicious flavor that will have you in love at first bite!

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Bringing the Traditional Flavors with the Magic of All Natural Charcoal

One of the reasons why our Mediterranean barbecue is so delicious is the natural charcoal we use to cook it. Unlike gas grills that can be inconsistent in temperature, natural charcoal provides a consistent heat source that allows us to cook each dish to perfection. The result is barbecue that is juicy, tender, and infused with the rich, smoky flavor of natural charcoal.

Popular Items

Barbar Mediterranean Beef Shawarma
  • Beef Shawarma


    Beef, Tahini, Hummus, Parsley, Tomato, Onio, Sumac, Pickles

Barbar Mediterranean Mixed Grill
  • Mixed Grill (For One)


    3 Skewers, Kafta, Tawook, Beef

Barbar Mediterranean Combo Platter 1
  • Combination Platter - 1


    Half Grilled Chicken, 1 Kabab Skewers, 1 Chicken Shawarma, Grilled Veggies and 2 Side Orders


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